STEEL BEARING HAND - Slay In Hell LP Red vinyl

STEEL BEARING HAND - Slay In Hell LP (Red vinyl)

SGD 40.00

Label: Carbonized Records Out from the wastes of Cimmeria, STEEL BEARING HAND has come to tread the jeweled thrones of the earth with booted feet, overthrow the heretical tyrants and sacrilegious interlopers who corrupt the sanctity of Metal and... SLAY IN HELL! “Slay In Hell” was Engineered and Mixed by Irving Lopez (Cognizant, Morbosidad) at Anomalous Mind Engineering. Mastered by Jack Control (Cianide, Darkthrone, Totalitär, World Burns To Death) at Enormous Door Mastering. Artwork by VRUGARTHDOOM. Single LP Jacket with Double-Sided Insert. Available on Red Vinyl. Stickers and Download Card Included

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