SNAIL MAIL - Habit 12"EP

SGD 40.00

Two weeks after Snail Mail’s first practice, Lindsey Jordan, drummer Shawn Durham, and bassist Ryan Vieira performed with punk heroes Sheer Mag and Priests at a Maryland festival. Priests, in particular, took Snail Mail under their wing and released the trio’s first full band EP on their Sister Polygon label; guitarist G.L. Jaguar and Jason Sauvage of Priests’ sibling band Gauche served as producers. When Habit was released in July 2016, the EP built considerable buzz that led to tours with Waxahatchee and Girlpool, a vinyl reissue, and talks of a future full-length with a major label home. Oh, and most importantly, Jordan graduated high school. Regardless of what path Jordan chooses for future Snail Mail material, Habit’s six songs eloquently reflect a place in life that most find too complicated to express. There’s no grandstanding here, no attempts at hiding how truly confusing it is to be young and feel like the world is simultaneously infinite and hopeless. Perhaps that is why Snail Mail sound so alive despite much tangible optimism: there’s no person behind a curtain, the ugly resides in reality.

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