JUNE PAIK - ST 2013 12EP

JUNE PAIK - S/T (2013) 12"EP

SGD 30.00

Germany's June Paik have always played the popularized form of post-rock influenced screamo perfectly. Their understanding and execution of compelling musical dynamics in addition to strong central musicianship and anguished, downtrodden screams have always made for a great listen when you're feeling down and out. Those aspects along with the despondent melodicism, dense claustrophobic atmospheres and dissonant rage that have become signatures for June Paik have only grown more powerful with age. This EP consists of four tracks that run for a twenty-three-minute duration. Although brief June Paik waste no time to deliver their devastating musical barrage to the people. June Paik continually proves themselves to be adept at their craft. Although this is essentially just another June Paik release, the EP is an emotionally compelling listen that will strike a chord with screamo lovers everywhere. And for that I highly recommend this release.

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